From the start in 2015, I have now shown my oil paintings at some 28 art exhibitions of which 9 were exhibitions with my paintings only. I make figurative oil paintings inspired by coast-, land-, road- and cityscapes. I’m also very inspired by some of the old masters… to the point of making my own ‘cover versions’ and ‘mash-ups’ of some of their masterpieces. My main focus however has been and continues to be on Scandinavian coastscapes. Having lived at the coast nearly all my life may explain my deep fascination for the diverse and dynamic coastlines -  where land meets the ever changing, eternal and enigmatic sea. In 2023(12) I started revisiting my geological past in order to make artistic renditions of subsurface geology. I call this additional line ‘Subscapes’. I plan to resume painting Coastscapes in between and after giving ‘Subscapes’ an honest effort.
Some 150 of my 345 oil paintings are on display here at my homepage tagpaintings.com. 18 of my paintings have been chosen for digital prints on high quality Giclée-paper (limited editions, numbered and signed), and they are also on display here.
My mentors and inspirators through the years have been artdozent and painter Gerhart Ruhland, painter Odd Emil Skullerud, painter Anne Langholt Appaydinli, painter Leif Nyland and Malegruppe79 (=

If you want to see my real oil paintings and not just the jpegs, you are of course welcome to visit my exhibitions and my studio.

 For visits at my studio/atelier, price quotes or orders…please e-mail or SMS me. See the contact information on the next page.